Memoirs of a Cloud


We let go of every droplet of water we had stored up inside us
Not that we’re crying we’re not we’re just letting it go
We’ve no aspirations we’re mostly just moisture
That we gathered up
Through transpiration
Don’t think we’re lonely we’re not we’re just here on our own
We don’t look down on people who open umbrellas
And hunch up their shoulders for shelter
Not that we care if they’re there or they’re not it’s the same
We rain on a bride and we rain on her wedding day
Rain on the rabbits
And rain on the motorway
Not that they’re tiny they’re not they’re just so far away.

When we are dry we can lie like a quilt
On the countryside comfortably curled up beneath us
Not that we’re empty we’re not we’re just floating away
We rained on a girl who was writing a letter
We rained down her love on a boy who felt better
To know she’s not distant she’s just a great distance away
She’s just a great distance away.