I have been in love with you since I was ten
I had a major sexual awakening
When I saw you kissing Tony Curtis
On a yacht
In Some Like it Hot

I’m sorry that you had to meet a sticky end
In such unpleasant circumstances
Like John Lennon, Jesus or Jim Morrison
All that’s left of you is a Skeleton

I went to an exhibition of your things
And I when I though that the attendant
Was not attending
I buried my face in your purple dress
To catch the scent
Of Chanel No 5
But all I got was dust and mothballs

Marilyn oh Marilyn Monroe
I want you to know

You where the first girl that made me want to grow up
To get a hair style
I never got one but
I was dipping my toe in the turbulent tide of sexuality
Tentatively at first
But then my thirst took hold of me
Your dress was so tight I could hardly breathe

Maybe you should not have slept with the Kennedys
But think of all the money that you saved on plastic surgery
I have never been the president of anything
But whether or not the yacht was mine I could have sung you happy birthday on it
I think I could have made you happier than all that Valium
All that’s left of you is a skeleton.