Talk to Spiders

I can talk to spiders I can talk to spiders psychically I know exactly when an egg is absolutely right and there’s no liquid white only liquid gold it’s the kind of alchemy that occupied a young Da Vinci maybe that is what is really in the Da Vinci code? I can talk to spiders did he talk to Spiders? Also psychically I know precisely when the train will stop and so I stand exactly where the doors will open wide
I always know what spiders think
I only have to ask them
What do you think Mr spider sir?
What is on your mind?
I can talk to spiders we talk for hours
Talking in the shower they give me psychic powers
Psychicallytoknowexactlywhenaneggisabsolutelyrightandthere’snoliquidwhiteonlyliquidgold. PSYCHICALLY TO KNOW EXACTLY WHEN AN EGG IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT AND THERE’s NO LIQUID WHITE ONLY LIQUID GOLD.