Origami Birds

Late to develop I was told
I’d never be a ninja
Went home and cried for a while
And became a TEFL teacher
Flew to Brazil and got sunstroke
On Copacabana beach
A cockroach fell into my can of coke
I was vomiting for hours
Feeling pretty foolish very white and much to English
I started smoking cigarettes
Waiting for my adult life to start

Met a girl in evening dress and heals
Who said she worked in cinema
I had a mental image to conceal
Of me naked underneath her
Never happened but that is OK
Because I’ve got it in the archives
Of my late night onanism library
Under ‘C’ for cinematic imagery
Drowning out my sorrows bought a second hand miniature banjo
It was totally unplayable
The soundtrack to my freshly broken heart
Waiting for my adult life to start

How the days we live in all unfold like origami birds
Looking back we can’t make out at all the shapes they had before

Found a dead guy in the street
Near apartment
Tried to tell a cop in bad Portuguese
He was totally indifferent
He didn’t even take my name or check his pulse
He just walked away
Smoking a cigarette
I went home a watched foreign TV shows
Watching foreign TV shows all night