Leather Jacket

Got myself a leather jacket
From the British Heart Foundation and I’ve been
Rocking this bad boy loo since then
I know I only look like James dean in my own imagination
But I’ve been dreaming the same old dreams.

Got a faulty alternator in my ‘P’ reg. Ford Fiesta
I’ve been parking at the top of the hill for a while
I’ve got to get enough momentum to drag me out of this depression
I need a spark of inspiration please
I’ve got the kind of coat you feel at home in
Probably how the cow did before somebody brained him
Now I’m sitting in my car at the bottom of the hill
And I’m not going anywhere this weekend

Once I built a bottle rocket
That outstripped the competition
My foot pumped on my foot pump until it flew
Up above the upturned faces of aspiring diminutive space scientists
And I remember hoping it would never come back down
Gravity’s a law you can depend on
Got less than ten pounds to spend on
Looking hip slick swerve and definitely debonair
But I don’t care
I feel lighter than the air.